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Please select any one of our classes listed below and email to enroll. 

Limit one class per organization or card. Offer expires 1/31/2023.

Online Learning Accessibility

Speak with Confidence

HR Hot Topic: The Future of Work

HR Hot Topic: Recruiting Multi-generational Employees

HR Hot Topic: Flexible Work Arrangements

HR Hot Topic: Pay Equity

HR Hot Topic: Handling Workplace Violence

HR Hot Topic: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

HR Ethics: Defining Business Ethics

HR Ethics: Ethical Decision Making

HR Ethics: Issues in the Workplace

HR Ethics: Theories of Ethics

HR Ethics: Leadership and Organizational Ethics

HR Ethics: Globalization and Ethics

HR Ethics: Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility

HR Ethics: Common Ethical Challenges

HR Ethics: Capitalism, Inequality, and Justice

HR Ethics: Building an Ethical Organization

How Can I Help You? Customer Service Best Practices

Finding Purpose in Your Career

The First 30 Days

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